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This is a quick tip for Joomla 3.x.

If you want to add a module position directly into the php file of a template override then you can use the following code:

$myModule = JModuleHelper::getModules('my-position');
if(!empty($myModule[0])) {
echo JModuleHelper::renderModule($myModule[0]);

You can update 'my-position' to whatever module position you desire and then simply add your module to that position. Easy!

The Opera House Casino is located in Scarborough's town centre on the site of the former Royal Opera House Theatre. The casino was designed and developed to provide customers with a pleasant, comfortable and exciting experience.

The European style casino is open 7 days a week and combines the excitement of the gaming experience with excellent catering hospitality in high quality surroundings. The facility is without doubt a jewel in Scarborough’s crown.

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Betton Design are very pleased to announce the launch of our latest website – Sunbelt Spas UK.

Sunbelt Spas manufacture hot tubs and swim spas and they are soon to open an exclusive Sunbelt Spas showroom in York. The showroom will offer hot tub and swim spa enthusiasts an opportunity to view the various ranges available as well as a chance to wet test the products.

With the showroom only a few weeks away from opening, we have been working hard to establish their UK web presence to coincide with the opening of their new premises in York.

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Joomla is a great content management system, it does many things straight out of the box. Sometimes though, you might want to do something that Joomla doesn’t handle as standard. That’s where extensions (components, plugins & modules) come in. Joomla extensions pick up from where Joomla leaves off.

If you are looking for the best Joomla extensions for your website then you can’t go wrong with this list of top ten Joomla extensions. At Betton Design we use these 10 extensions on practically every Joomla site we create so we would like to think we know a thing or two about them. Most of these extensions are available in free and pro versions with the latter costing money but in our opinion they are all worth it. We only use the pro versions on our websites as they generally offer the most features.

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Google recently announced a big stir in the search engine listings for mobile friendly websites. As of April 21st 2015, Google has been giving substantial preference in the search results to websites that are mobile friendly at the detriment of those that are not.

This is bad news for websites that are not responsive to mobile phone devices.

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