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There are many things to consider when your new website goes live: What type of hosting should you have? How will you deal with software updates? How do you backup and restore your website?

Thankfully we have come up with a great package that answers all of these questions. This package comes as standard with all of our new websites, all for a fixed monthly fee.

Our System Support Package has been designed to encompass many of the technical administrative tasks that are necessary for the upkeep and maintenance of a secure and well performing website resource. Outlined below are some of the ongoing tasks and services covered by the package.

Website Hosting

This is the provision of server storage space which hosts any coding and data necessary to make a website accessible to the World Wide Web. Your website is an important business tool and it makes a lot of sense to have your website hosted by a leading hosting company, a company which is easy to deal with and consistently offer an efficient and highly effective support structure.

Email Hosting

If we are hosting your website, email hosting usually ‘piggy backs’ your website hosting and as a result we do not usually charge for email hosting. Our hosting company provides server storage space that can hosts an unlimited number POP3 or IMAP e-mail accounts. We will be able to provide you with the relevant support to enable you to set up your email on all of your devices.


Any software, including all Content Management Systems, that connects to the Internet needs security measures in place to protect them from damaging influences (viruses, mal-ware, hackers, etc). For this reason your website needs updating periodically to help prevent your investment from being damaged.

Backing Up

Backing up is a basic business necessity; in the event that something went disastrously wrong, we will always be able to restore your site to the last scheduled backup.

System Restoration and Upkeep

Should anything happen to your website, if it is hacked or if there are any technical problem relating to any plugins used, we will make sure it is corrected and up and running with the minimum of downtime.

On going and general changes to your website are charged at our normal hourly rate.

Rest assured if at any point you wish to transfer your domain out of our hosting, we will do this without charge.