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Search engine performance is in everyone's mind when it comes to increasing business, but there is so much more to converting traffic into business than having a sound approach to 'search engine optimisation' (SEO).

Maybe quality design and web layout are obvious when it comes to designing an engaging website, however in the early stages of a web project, this is always a leading consideration for our designers.

If your newly launched website is unsightly, awkward or slow, your traffic will only go one way. You could have a fantastic SEO programme and your website could be well optimised from a build point of view, but this isn't going to stop visitors leaving an un-engaging website.

When we create a new website, we take a holistic approach:

  • Engaging Design
  • Efficient and fluid functionality
  • Search engine optimised website coding
  • Image size optimisation
  • Page loading speed optimisation
  • Keyword optimisation

Visitor engagement, retention and conversion are core characteristics of a website that sits comfortably in the fast lane.