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Responsive Web Design (RWD)

One of the biggest things to hit website design in 2012 was the advent of responsive websites. Responsive websites will feature more and more throughout 2013 and beyond.

A few years ago it was the done thing for a business to have one website for people to view on their computers and another for their mobile phones. The rise in smart phones meant that potential customers now had a website that looked good on a smaller screen. There are however some issues with having two different websites, these include; cost, time to update and search engine downgrading.

In some cases a small mobile site in addition to your standard site can still be relevent but for eveything else there is responsive website design.

A responsive website resizes itself depending on the screen size of the device being used to view it. If you look at a responsive site on a computer then you see the full site, then if you look on your tablet the site resizes and fits perfectly and resizes again when viewed on a mobile phone. Certain features within the website can be turned off or on depending on what device you are viewing it on.

A good example of responsive web design is our very own website Have a look at our site on your computer and compare it to your phone and tablet, notice the difference?

The benefits of a responsive website include the fact that there is just one site for your business. Search engines such as Google mark down sites that have duplicate content so if you have a desktop website and a mobile website they can potentially suffer in search engine results. If you want to update the content of a responsive site using a content management system (all of our websites are built using a content management system) then you only have to update one site, saving you time money and effort.

With more and more people accessing the internet on mobile devices can you afford not to offer a website that is tailored to them?

If you are looking to have a new website built why not make it responsive? Please click here to get a quote or call us on 01723 866058.

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