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Search Engine Optimisation - Part 4

Making sure the code and content of your website are up to scratch is probably the most important part of search engine optimisations. This is called on page SEO techniques and I covered many aspects in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

This article is going to concentrate more on off page SEO techniques.

Off page refers to the things you can do to promote your site that doesn't actually involve your website. In the past, one off page technique was to get as many inbound links to your website as possible. I say 'in the past' because nowadays search engines (especially Google) often regard these back links as a bad thing. A few good quality links to your website from other reputable websites are always going to be a good thing but hundreds of links from dubious websites is most definitely a bad thing.

Tell Everyone

One very important thing you should do is tell as many people as possible about your website, sing it from the rooftops! Your web address should be on every single document and piece of promotional material that you create. A link to your site should be in your email signature, you should refer to it in your answer phone message. Your business card should definitely have reference to your website and you should give them out to anyone and everyone.

It's great that your website is online but you should never expect people to find it on their own. There are many benefits of encouraging the use of your website. Firstly, a small example could be that your website contains your opening times. A customer who knows about your website is more likely to look there before calling you just to confirm those opening times. If you scale this up to include much more information and many more customers then it could give you a valuable time saving.

If your website receives more visitors then Google will deem it more important and this will benefit your search engine ranking. This can be a bit 'chicken and egg', as your ranking improves, the your site will get more hits, thus improving its ranking. The message is clear, tell as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible about your site. Your web address should be on the advert that you place in the local paper every week, it should be on the sign above your door...

Social Networks

Nowadays there is a digital version of the points I have made above, it's called social networks. Your business should have a facebook page, a twitter profile and a Google+ page. You should also register your business with Google maps and Bing maps as well as any related industry directories.

However, it's one thing having these social network accounts, you have to be sure to update them as well. These pages should always refer people back to your website, they can be fun and engaging even if your line of business is perceived as being a bit dull (especially if your line of business is perceived as being a bit dull). Social networks work as a much more personal forum and you'll soon find that the more 'likes' or followers you get then you will get more 'likes' and followers, it's self perpetuating.

In conclusion, there should be no one you meet professionally (either electronically or in person) who doesn't leave you knowing your web address. Tell everyone and you'll reap the rewards.