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OK so you want to learn JQuery and learn it fast!

You’re in the right place. This tutorial is designed to teach you the JQuery basics super fast so that after just ten minutes of training, you will be equipped with JQuery basics. First things first, we will just cover a little about JQuery, what it is and how it's used, then we will dive right in!

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Not so long ago, the only way of accessing the internet was via a desktop computer. New technology means that this is no longer the case.

Increasingly we are seeing more people accessing websites with their smart phone or tablet rather than their PC.

With this in mind Google has extended their ‘mobile first’ policy with the roll out of the ‘Mobile Friendly’ badge.

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When people mention SEO what comes to mind? Keywords, Alt Tags, Page Titles, Content??

Well you may be right but as we stride into 2015, there is so much more to SEO than simple on page techniques. Google are now looking at user engagement and website 'trust' as a major factor in ranking your site for the search engine results.  It’s no longer just about getting those keyword phrases into your content and HTML tags but much more about continuous commitment to your website and more importantly, customer engagement.

Its getting harder and harder to rank your business in the search engines at a high enough position to maximize the traffic volumes but there are lots of techniques that you may not be aware of, so here is a list of SEO tips for 2015.

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Nominet (the UK guardian of internet domains) recently announced the availability of the new .uk domain suffix. If you already have a domain then your .uk domain has been automatically reserved for your use. However, you still need to register your .uk domain in order to secure it.

The cost of registering your .uk domain is £20 for 2 years. For this we will register your domain and 'point' it to your current website*. This means that when a user accesses they are automatically redirected to

If you would like us to register your .uk domain then please contact us stating the exact .uk domain that you require and we'll do the rest.

For further information please read the FAQs on the Nominet website.

*This is true for websites hosted by Betton Design. If your website is hosted elsewhere then costs might increase or decrease. Please contact us for a quote.