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Proudfoot Supermarkets


  • Business: Proudfoot Supermarkets
  • Sector: Retailer
  • Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Joomla, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  • Features: News Slideshow, Product Carousel, Full CMS
  • Link:

The Betton Design team were extremely helpful throughout the process and build of our website. The designers worked closely with the Proudfoot Group allowing us to build a website exactly how we wanted it. All the specifications we required were designed and implemented into an easy to use, fast and powerful website.

Marcus Proudfoot Proudfoot Supermarkets

The Client

The Proudfoot Group is a family run business chain based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Despite being in direct competition with the likes of Tesco and Sainsbsury's, Proudfoot stores are thriving. They currently offer a wide range of essential items from groceries and home-ware to power tools and hardware.

The Proudfoot Group asked us to review and reorganised the supermarkets web presence and search engine visibility.

The Problem

The Proudfoot Group asked us to review and reorganise their web presence by consolidating a number of sites with a single, well designed and engaging website. The business is very progressive, so it was important that their new website was expandable in the future so.

Proudfoot supermarkets are very much community based so their new site had to provide a good insight into the local community.

The Solution

Some main features of this website include a custom ‘Latest News’ module. This module is a key element of the website, displaying current events, it is easily updated by the client. The newest content takes the lead slide and the older articles are archived. A ‘Product Carousel’ was also added.

The site manages information clearly for a number of shop premises, providing information and contact details with premises facilities.