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Scarborough Cricket Club


  • Business: Scarborough Cricket Club
  • Sector: Leisure
  • Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Joomla, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  • Features: Full CMS, Slideshow, Fixtures/Results List, Twitter Display
  • Link:

We went through a formal process before selecting Betton Design. From the start, they understood our need to deliver several messages across electronic and print media. Betton designed solutions to fit our needs, made helpful suggestions, delivered a new unified, brand for web print and electronic media. On time, on budget, better than spec. We chose a great partner.

Peter Howgate Scarborough Cricket Club

The Client

After a great deal of investment throughout the club, Scarborough Cricket Club has recently re-emerged of as one of Scarborough's leading sport and social venues. In early 2012, the SCC committee chose Betton Design to develop a totally new web presence and marketing strategy.

Working closely with Peter Howgate from the club, we established a web identity which is current and engaging yet sensitive to the club’s tremendous heritage and reputation.

The Problem

Scarborough Cricket Club's requirements were quite complex. The new website needed to cater for a range of different types users and enquiries. From fixture and team announcements to the club's history and hospitality facilities, the site needed to provide a great variety of information.

The cricket club needed a website that would help them to re-market their business as well as reflect the new status of the venue following the substantial investment in the club.

The Solution

The website that we designed is written in HTML5 with a powerful PHP content management system, which allows the club to easily add new articles, pictures and downloadable attachments. The website displays fixtures, results and benefits from online ticket sales.

We completed the site, both on time and on budget. This is worth mentioning but it is usually the case. The site receives on-going support and benefits from our secure hosting.