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Our emails are custom built and branded uniquely. The process is a simple one, we use your provided content, images and text to establish your bespoke email - we then send it out to your database.

Following the delivery of your email campaign, we will then provide you with statistics, showing who has opened the email and who has linked through to your website. Each email campaign that we send out is linked to your own Data Management web page, from which your recipients can unsubscribe or manage your use of their data.

An important benefit of email marketing is that recipients are encouraged to click through to your website; we use progressive methods to accomplish as high a CTR (click-through-rate) as possible.

We believe email marketing should be a main source of digital marketing and our bespoke email marketing is designed to do five important tasks: Generate sales, build leads, secure customer relationships, increase brand awareness and improve website traffic - all of these can be achieved with a high quality, well considered email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is a positive and highly cost effective stream of advertising, which can significantly reduce paper marketing costs and postage. This marketing strategy is now going to be even more relevant following the introduction of GDPR.

Needless to say Betton Design will be helping it’s clients to adopt GDPR best practice methods to reinforce responsible and compliant use of this marketing technique. If you are an existing client or a business looking to take advantage of email marketing, we are always happy to talk.

Betton Design's Email Marketing Service and GDPR

Betton Design are fortunate to work with many excellent and well established businesses; these businesses take their reputations seriously and conduct their businesses ethically. GDPR will work to enhance the marketing services that Betton Design provide, but also help our clients to further secure their own reputations. Importantly though the GDPR should significantly clean up eMarketing and improve its effectiveness - so the efforts to comply do need seeing in a very positive light.

Over the last few months, we have been working in the background to make sure that our email marketing service will be compliant by 25th May, but also we have been working to establish processes that will help towards our clients’ case for GDPR compliance. This does not mean that our clients do not need to do anything, but we have been developing our web products to help our clients to move toward compliance - it is important that each business looks at the above reference links to establish for themselves which of their procedures need to be changed to achieve compliance.

Betton Design have re-designed our email marketing service with GDPR compliance in mind, this includes:

  1. Website data capture
    1. Double opt in for all captured data; users offer their information and then receive a reply email with a link to confirm their subscription.
    2. Capture data can be store in lists, so perhaps
      1. Contact form list
      2. Newsletter signup list
      3. Historical contact list
      4. Bought in data list
      5. Manually input list
      6. etc
  2. Client specific data management landing pages
    1. Recipient access to see data being stored - this access is recipient specific (no other user can see the recipients data or the lists they are subscribed to)
      1. First Name
      2. Surname
      3. Email Address
      4. Telephone No.
      5. etc
    2. Unsubscribe from list
    3. Client specific Privacy Policy with
      1. ‘Legal Basis’ statement
      2. Sharing Data - 3rd parties statement - we will not share your details with anyone
    4. Complaince statement
  3. Transparency and auditability
    1. When and how data was captured
    2. How and when data was used
    3. Any actions taken by the recipient
    4. Use of cookies

For more information on GDPR please view our dedicated page.