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Each of our emails is custom built and branded uniquely. We handle email marketing for an increasing number of clients throughout Scarborough, Whitby, York and surrounding areas covering the whole of Yorkshire; who have learned from results, just how effective this technique can be. The process is a simple one, we use your provided content with images and text to establish the email and once we have approval that the email is as required, we then send it out to your database. The database is usually a merged list of your historic client data and maybe data collected via your website, it could however be a bought in database. Usually a week following the delivery, we then provide statistics showing who has opened the email, who has linked through to your website and who has unsubscribe. Following the delivery, the database is automatically updated to make sure that anyone who has unsubscribed does not receive future emails. An important benefit of email marketing is that recipients are encouraged to click through to your website; we use progressive methods to accomplish as high a CTR (click-through-rate) as possible. We believe email marketing should be a main source of digital marketing and our dedicated email marketing is designed to do five important tasks:

Generate sales, build leads, secure customer relationships, increase brand awareness and improve website traffic. All of these listed can be achieved with a high quality, well thought out and executed email marketing campaign, and we can handle it for you.

Email marketing is a positive and highly cost effective stream of advertising, which can significantly reduce paper marketing costs and postage. This marketing strategy is particularly good to encourage business in with special offers which relate to quiet spells in your business; it is a very proactive form of business generation and will help build your websites SEO performance, with one click of a button. Betton Design understand the power of email marketing and have developed a responsible digital email marketing package. We can build the emails for you, create amazing designs and even write the advertising content. If you are interested in discussing our email marketing services, please feel free to contact us.

We are able to build an email marketing campaign around your market and target audience. Betton Design specialise in responsible email marketing and digital solutions. We make use of our expertise in web design, graphic design and SEO skills in order to provide a successful email marketing package.


Email Marketing Designs

Before we start on an email marketing campaign, we work hard to design an impressive, distinctive branded email that is engaging and relevant. We create the design, code the email we can even write your content. Once you are happy with design, we manage your data and deliver the email.

Email Marketing Strategy

We strive for results in the following areas - customer relationships, lead generation, direct sales, website visits and brand awareness. Using responsible practices with a well considered and appropriate marketing approach, email marketing campaign can boost brand awareness, improve SEO and build business.

Email Campaign Results

Email marketing is not for every business, if our experience indicates that this product will not perform for your business, then we tell you. Each email is created to maximise its impact and we monitor the performance of every campaign. Your email statistics will provide good insights into how well your email has been received and we will be able to use this to make changes to your ongoing campaign.