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Pay per click (PPC) is currently the most popular marketing platform used by online advertisers. Its success is due to the extensive control provided by the tool and the unlimited brand exposure that it creates. Pay per click differs from other advertising and marketing packages in a number of ways. PPC puts your adverts in front of users searching for your specific product or service at the precise moment that they are searching for them. With the Google search engine displaying your PPC ads, you are able to position your listing at the top of the search results, as opposed to being at the mercy of your generic search position.

A well constructed PPC Advertising campaign will enable you to target the exact people who are likely to be interested in your product or service. Just a few of the targeting methods available include;

Keyword Targeting: Your advert will only ever display to users whom specifically search for your product or service.

Geographical Targeting: If you're only interested in new customers from a certain area, you can ensure your advert only ever displays to this demographic. This ensures none of your ad budget spend is wasted on people searching from outside your target geographical demographic.

Age & Sex Targeting: Is your product/service only available to females, or perhaps it's aimed at under 25's? No matter what your target market is, the complex and powerful Adwords platform will allow you to hunt these people down and display your advert to them prominently via Google search and carefully selected third parties.

Remarketing Campaigns (NEW!): Google now allows you to display your text or banner advertisement solely to people whom have already visited your website in the past. This is an extremely powerful medium to explore and puts your brand to the forefront of the prospects thoughts once again.

As the most popular search engine, Google serves over 90% of Internet users so you are never short of a target audience. Additionally, Google Adwords puts you in complete control of your ads design, where it appears, when it appears, who sees it and the location of your audience. You are able to decide how and when your advert is displayed.
With fully customisable analytics/engagement reports, impressions, statistics and even conversion tracking, pay per click provides a solid online advertising platform for your business.

Although Google Adwords is a fantastic marketing tool for online advertising, it’s also very complex with many subtleties. The platform can be overwhelming and it does require a broad understanding of the framework to effectively produce a return on your investment.

It may well be true that anyone can set up an Adwords campaign, in fact Google make it very easy for businesses to have a go. Unfortunately though, a very common experience is that you waste the £75 free trial budget with no success and no real desire to take your Adwords experience any further. With our broad experience and proven Adwords results, we have developed a complete pay per click advertising product to help local businesses strengthen their advertising campaigns online.

Below we have outlined some of the main areas contained in the Betton Design PPC product.


Optimised Ad Copy

Well-optimised ad copy is essential. It is important for two main reasons, firstly, it helps to convince a user to click your ad and secondly, it is used by Google to determine your ad’s quality score. The quality score of your ad will impact on the exposure of your ad, and help to minimise the cost of each click. To run a successful ad, copy must be precise and accurate. We compose keyword relevant and well-structured ad copy that generates a steady, continuous click through rate (CTR).

Reporting and Budgets

Control of a budget is essential to a business but it is also crucial that your Adwords campaigns are appropriate, effective and rewarding. We use industry proven strategies to improve your campaigns performance, increase your return on investment and, maximise click through rate and make the most of your budget. With a our approach to your Adwords campaign, you are in full control of your budget and we will consistently monitor your ads to ensure that your campaign runs effectively.

Adwords Remarketing

If you have ever been on a website, clicked off it and then find that their ads follow you to a 3rd party site, you are experiencing the power of Adwords remarketing. This is a technique to further raise the potential of your Adwords efforts by placing your ad back in front of users that have recently been on your website. Remarketing ads provide a timely touch point, which may help to nudge recent visitors back to your site at a time when they are most interested and engaged with your product.

Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads display your products at the top of Google search results for related keyword searches. This marketing technique is extremely effective for two reasons; It presents your products at the top of Google and secondly, displays your products without users having to find your website. Large online retailers such as eBay and Rakuten spend over 90% of their Adwords budget on Product Listing Ads. This figure indicates just how powerful Product Listing Ads are for online retailers.

Placement Targeting

Another great Adwords technique is called Display Placement. This approach puts you in full control of your ad visibility, frequency and location. Placement ads let you choose exactly which websites you want your ads displayed on and where. These ads work very well for ‘topic’ and ‘interest’ targeting. For example, if you sell running shoes, you can choose to display your adverts on athletics, sports and marathon running websites. The significant benefit here is a large reduction in budget surplus.

Contextual Targeting

This Adwords method displays your adverts in both text and image format on any website that is relevant to a chosen keyword search term, matched with on page content. For instance, if a user is reading a blog called “Best Fishing Rods 2015”, and your ad is selling fishing rods, then your advert would appear along side this blog. This targeting method works in a similar way to standard search network ads, only it displays adverts on websites (display network) instead of in the search engines (search network).