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Over the last few years, there has been a revolution surrounding competition in the print design services industry; this has chiefly been due to improved technologies, Internet related market forces and sophisticated logistics. Betton design specialise in print design and we can help you.

One significant change came with the improved cost effectiveness of full colour printing. Full colour litho printing has become far more affordable, so small volume print jobs can now benefit from the high quality and full colour spectrum, which is now available with modern full colour presses.

A further significant change relates to small volume digital printing. The quality of this service has improved so significantly recently, that it is hard to distinguish between digital and full colour litho print. So now, if you only need a small print-run on paper or card up to 350gsm stock weight, digital is the way to go. There is a cross over point between digital and litho where one is more cost effective than the other; the larger the volumes, the greater the cost saving will be with litho.

Recently, another major change in the print industry has been the emergence of large-scale batch printers, these are businesses which have optimised their output to minimize the cost of their services. Batch printer’s run large quantities of jobs through their presses, on specific stock types and in specific quantities. So from a cost saving perspective, it is worth being slightly flexible with your stock weights and run quantities to take advantage of some great prices.

At Betton Design, we are doing our bit to establish a level playing field with fair completion and value for money. We have always been driven to provide a quality service that we are proud of; we do this in a way, which leaves our clients making use of our services because they appreciate the quality of our products and the service that they receive. Whether it is website coding or graphic design – our clients are fully in the driving seat. If we are commissioned to create some artwork, then the copyright of the design is left fully in the ownership of our client (assuming that their bill is paid!). In effect, our clients are given full access to their files and are able to use them in whichever way they choose.

Relating this copyright approach to print, we are confident that with our relationships with a diversity of printers and our understanding of the industry, we will be able to match our clients’ needs with the most cost effective solutions and provide a service that they will want to use time and again.

In summary, being well informed and being flexible enough to taking advantage of the options can help to keep a tight reign on the purse strings as well as being able to market with energy.