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We handle the SEO campaigns of a number of local businesses to Scarborough, Whitby, York & surrounding areas throughout Yorkshire. There’s nothing more frustrating than building a great website that nobody can find. If that’s the case, then it’s time for SEO. With the right techniques, tools and implementations, you will notice significant improvements in both ranking position and traffic. We can deliver an effective SEO campaign for you.

SEO should be an ongoing consideration for any progressive business competing in an online market place. Without adequate search engine optimisation in place, your business may well struggle to achieve good levels of traffic and it may lose valuable customer exposure to higher-ranking competitors. Ranking well in search engine results is one of the most important objectives for an online business. In recent years, Google has essentially replaced the likes of the Yellow Pages & the phone book. If you ignore search engine optimisation, you are ignoring a viable and effective route to market in 2016.

Our approach to SEO is as meticulous as our approach to building websites. Starting with an extensive website audit, we will determine which areas of your website and your SEO strategy need improving. We will provide a comprehensive report which will offer an insight into your website’s strengths and weaknesses, and we will make suggestions that will help to progress your website in the search engines. We work very closely with our clients throughout the whole process and we establish an individual SEO campaign strategy that will work for you. Many businesses will promise the world when it comes to SEO but unfortunately, they don't often deliver. At Betton Design, we use both on-page and off-page SEO techniques in order to optimise your website. We will also explain our approach, our reasoning and exactly where our efforts will be directed.

Our search engine optimisation service tackles all major ranking obstructions and provides industry standard solutions to get your pages and website ranking higher. We aim for page 1 with each project and we document our efforts, providing regular reports to show just how your website ranking statistics change month to month.

Here we have a Google statistic that shows just how important SEO is for any business looking for an effective online presence.

"As an average, websites that appear on the first page for a related search term receive 91.5% of the search volume traffic whereas websites that rank on the second page receive on average 4.8%."

At Betton Design, we are very open about the optimisation techniques that we use. There is no 'magic button' or quick fix when it comes to SEO. If you are interested our SEO services, then please contact us. We will then discuss how we can help your site  rank better in the search engines. In the mean time, why not read some of our SEO blogs for a better understanding of SEO and best practices.


Advanced SEO Audit

Before working on any SEO campaign, we start with a full SEO site audit. This is an extensive audit that provides all the information we need to proceed with a campaign. We look at your websites SEO strengths and weaknesses, we analyse your approach to keywords, looking at search volumes and position rank, and we also compile an extensive competitor analysis (amongst other things!). We then document all of our findings in an SEO report which is updated on a monthly basis as we work.

SEO Keyword Research

The first thing that we do is build an extensive library of target keywords along with average monthly search volumes per keyword; this tells us which keywords we should focus on. We are extremely thorough during this stage to make sure the keywords we decide to target are right for your business. Keywords are an important aspect of ranking and we target them carefully to ensure that every keyword we target during the campaign brings the right kind of traffic to your website.

Competitor Analysis

Exploring your competitors SEO will provide an insight into the performance of their websites. We can establish your competitors success factors metrics such as domain authority, page rank, backlinks, and social media activity to help us to determine a well structured SEO approach for your business. Let us help you to compete online by achieving a better rank position in the search engines with our unique SEO service.

SEO Backlinks & Referrals

It's no secret that backlinks are an extremely important factor for performance in the search engines. They help increase your domain authority and achieve a better search engine rank position for your website. We have great resources for backlinks and work hard to get the right ones for your business. Getting backlinks with a high influence score is hard to accomplish without experience. We can provide your business with an ongoing effort to establish high quality backlinks.

On page & Off page SEO

Once we have all the information we need from your SEO audit, we can get to work. We conduct both on page and off page SEO techniques tailored to your website. If your website has a lack of important keywords or little brand exposure, we can fix these problems. We make sure that your on page SEO is optimised first; this will form the foundations of your SEO. SEO is an ongoing process and we can deliver excellent, individual SEO solutions.

Brand Awareness

Building your brand is an important aspect of SEO. The search engines will make trust judgements about your brand and poor brand awareness may result in a lower rank positions. If the search engines find that your brand has excellent exposure, they will equate this with a trust rating. This will help your rankings. Search engines are encouraging businesses to promote their brand as a search term rather than just keywords. Social media is the best place to start for brand recognition.