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Secure Web and Email Hosting

Website Hosting Services and Secure Email Hosting

Our web hosting packages are configurable and available to everyone regardless of whether or not we built your website. We can offer great value cloud hosting on a variety of server platforms such as virtual private servers (VPS), hybrid servers and full-dedicated servers.

We deliver many different solutions to hosting including virtual private servers and dedicated servers for high-tech developers or large traffic websites that demand an extremely powerful server. Our hosting package is on a cloud-hosting platform and your web hosting support is situated right here in Scarborough, no overseas customer service with no access or support.

Our hosting is exceptionally fast, protected and consistent so you don’t have to worry about any down time or offline issues. We offer continuous maintenance with your web hosting account and also give you full access so you can adapt your account to how you wish. Additionally, we provide fantastic email hosting and email accounts. Our email-hosting packages offer a great range of features including web mail, email security, junk mail filter, 400MB boxes POP3 and IMAP, email integration for Gmail Business, Office 365 and the list goes on.

Once again you will receive great customer service and support with a local company in Scarborough for all your hosting needs. Whether it’s web hosting, email hosting or domain names, Betton Design are able to provide the whole package. It is worth mentioning that if we purchase any domain name, we only do so on behalf of our clients. If you would like to discuss any of our hosting packages or you would like information on dedicated, VPS or hybrid server hosting, please feel free to contact us.


Super Fast Cloud Hosting

Betton Design’s hosting is super fast, secure and reliable. Our hosting plans offer numerous features such as website backups, advanced security audits, software updates and site restoration. For the larger traffic websites and eCommerce platforms, we can provide web hosting on virtual private servers and even dedicated servers for an incredibly powerful service to suit extremely large website stats. Our web hosting solutions are an all in one package with fast and secure features.

Website Hosting Services

This is the provision of server storage space which hosts any coding and data necessary to make a website accessible to the World Wide Web. Your website is an important business tool and it makes a lot of sense to have your website hosted by a leading hosting company, a company which is easy to deal with and consistently offers an efficient and highly effective support structure. Betton Design’s hosting services are fast, secure and robust providing an excellent hosting experience.

Secure Email Hosting

Our email hosting packages are comprehensive and include a wide range of features such as webmail, email security, junk mail filter, 400MB mail boxes (expandable to 10GB), POP3 and IMAP, email integration for Gmail business and Office365. We provide a problem free, exclusive email hosting experience. Additionally, if you need any email assistance or guidance, you will receive great customer service and hosting support from a local company based right here in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

VPS, Hybrid & Dedicated Servers

VPS (Virtual Private Server), Hybrid and Dedicated servers are for the big players online and high traffic websites with large databases. These types of server are extremely stable and provide a great experience for larger sites. We currently provide VPS, hybrid and dedicated servers. All with their individual features and benefits, they provide an alternative and powerful hosting experience for large domains. If you are interested in an alternative hosting experience, why not give us a call.

Hosting Security and Backups

Security is high on our agenda, so, whether you require website hosting, email hosting or both, your site will benefit from great security and dependability. For peace of mind, our website backup feature allows us to restore your website completely should there be any unfortunate loss of data. Our office is situated in Scarborough, North Yorkshire where we provide one to one help and assistance with all hosting and email accounts. .

SSL Certificates and Domains

As another measure of security, we also offer Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol certificates that are becoming extremely popular. The SSL protocol is a secure domain name in the terms of HTTPS rather than the standard HTTP. (The 'S' at the end stands for secure). Historically, secure certificates have been used for websites that contain or transfer sensitive data. Typical websites that have SSL domains usually have login areas and contain personal information in a database such as as e-commerce sites.