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Here at Betton Design, we have been developing professional websites for a number of years and we pride our business on our ability to create sites that not only look fantastic but more importantly serve their purpose well. Our web designers use the latest technologies and programming languages available and apply continuous website updates to keep up with Internet growth and new technology releases. With technology changing at a rapid pace, we continue to adapt and stay on top of an ever-changing industry. For example, every website that we build is responsive, this means that regardless of what size screen or device is used, our websites will change and adjust to fit the screen without compromising accessibility.

With the size and potential of the Internet, it has never been more important to have a website that performs well and is fit for purpose. Search engine optimisation is in everyone’s mind when it comes to increasing business however, SEO is all-encompassing and careful attention needs to be given to the obvious as well as some less obvious influences when developing a successful web presence. To illustrate the point, when creating a successful website, well considered layouts and designs are always leading considerations, however, if your website is awkwardly coded and slow, it may suffer from a poor ‘bounce rate’. In essence, your website traffic may not be prepared to wait for pages and images to load, so they leave the site.

We build websites using the latest technologies implemented into a CMS system so that you have full control of the site once its finished. We believe user engagement is very important and that’s why we give full access control to a clients website. We also provide in depth tutorials for the CMS systems so that can you gain a full understanding of your new website.


Engaging Design

Behind any good website is a great design. Our team of web designers work hard to create the most engaging designs to suit your business. We focus on the visual features and accessibility of the website just as much as it’s performance. A poorly designed site with accessibility issues and unresponsive design will dramatically affect your online performance reducing traffic, returning customers and sales conversions. A successful website always starts with a professional and engaging design.

Web Technologies

As a principle, we use the latest web technologies available. The Internet is forever changing and we work hard to keep our portfolio of websites as up to date as possible. Using the latest technology releases and programming concepts, we can assure that new websites are equipped with the most modern tools to follow the changes are stay conversant. Additionally, as we build websites directly into CMS systems, we can track and update system and technology changes when necessary.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is essential. More and more visitors are using smart phones to access the Internet so having a website that responds by resizing itself based on screen size and device type is a vital asset to an online business. Every website that we build is responsive. Google actually gives preference to 'Mobile Friendly' websites meaning that your website simply has to be responsive to perform well in search engines. Unresponsive websites will be scored lower by Google and given less visibility.

Full Website Control

When you purchase a website from Betton Design, the website that you have paid for is yours, 100%. We create an administrative CMS portal which is straightforward to use. We give you the access that you need to make changes to your own website as we believe in ‘owner’ engagement and we will always give you full access to what you need. You will be able to write latest news blogs, add gallery images, post new content, add promotional offers and anything else you would like to do.

Bespoke Web Design

Here at Betton Design, we build websites that are completely exclusive to your business. We don’t buy templates, we build websites from scratch starting from our own design proofs. We don’t deem templates and duplicate designs appropriate as it can ruin the originality that your business brand deserves. The design process of our projects is extremely important and we only build websites that have been approved by our clients at the design stage. We wont build until your 100% satisfied.

Ongoing Support

Following the completion of your website, we will provide CMS system training and PDF tutorials making sure that you are fully equipped with the tools and ability to make changes to your new site. Although we offer full training, it doesn’t mean that you are left isolated as we are always here to provide support and guidance as and when you need it. Equally, if you would prefer to use our web design services to make changes to your site, we are more than happy to do so.